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Hummus with pumpkin seeds, dish up with nachos or rye bread (Vegan, glutenfree)119,-
Kimchi – Korean spicy salad from fermented vegetable (Vegan, glutenfree)50,-


small soup (250 ml)35,-
big soup (500 ml)55,-

Burger menu

Famous Linda McCartney burger with ketchup, mustard, fresh tomato, fresh onion, lettuce, pickles and baked potatoes or small salad as a side. The burger is made from soya protein, chickpea flour and seasoning (Vegan)170,-

Main courses

Vegan Mac and Cheese – penne pasta in creamy cashew sauce made of carrots, cashew and nutritional yeast and topped with fried tempeh (Vegan - with rice as glutenfree)165,-
Bean chilli with smoked tempeh, pickled onions and fresh coriander, dish up with jasmine rice and sour cream or soya yoghurt (Vegan, glutenfree)185,-
Tortilla wrap with tofu and tempeh ''gyros'', vegetables and garlic-coriander soyannaise185,-
Salad Natureza with grilled pineapple, orange, red paprika, fresh red onion, pumpkin seeds and soya jerks meat, seasoned with orange agave dressing (Vegan)165,-
Salad with grilled goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, grapes, arugula, walnuts and date syrup205,-

Kids menu

Grilled quesadilla with gouda95,-
Vegan Mac and Cheese (with rice as glutenfree)130,-

Extra portions

Extra roasted potatoes (200 g)45,-
Extra small salad (120 g)65,-
Extra rye bread (1 pc)15,-
Extra rice (100 g)30,-
Extra temeph (50 g)40,-
Extra bio ketchup15,-
Extra soyannaise15,-


Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and date syrup (glutenfree)105,-
Spelt pancake with fresh fruit (Vegan)130,-
Spelt pancake with hazelnut butter,banana and date syrup, sugar120,-
Spelt pancake with cranberry jam and whipped cream,date syrup, sugar120,-
Scoof vanilla ice cream20,-
Whipped cream15,-
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