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Hummus with pumpkin seeds, dish up with nachos or rye bread (Vegan, glutenfree)155,-
Kimchi – Korean spicy salad from fermented vegetable (Vegan, glutenfree)99,-
Tofu pâté with cranberries, served with rye bread145,-


small soup (250 ml)50,-
big soup (500 ml)70,-

Burger menu

Famous Linda McCartney burger with ketchup, mustard, fresh tomato, fresh onion, lettuce, pickles and baked potatoes or small salad as a side. The burger is made from soya protein, chickpea flour and seasoning (Vegan)255,-
Grilled goat cheese burger with homemade soyannaise, grilled zucchini and cranberry.245,-

Main courses

Vegan Mc and Cheese ,pasta with vegan cheese made from cashews, vegetables and vegan milk, sprinkled with fried tempeh245,-
Mushroom risotto on white wine with tempeh, shiitake, champignons, oyster mushrooms and parmesan (or vegan cheese for vegan option) /6,7/ GLUTeNFree, VeGAN255,-
Buddha Bowl with rice, peanut dressing, cucumber salad, vegan "meat" pieces and sweet and sour radish and cabbage, sprouts and sautéed chickpeas VEGAN+GLUTENFREE alergen /5,6,11/290,-
Salad with grilled goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, grapes, arugula,caramelized walnuts and cranberry syrup alergen 7,8 GLUTENFREE269,-
Traditional Czech ‟Svíčková“ with dumplings, seitan and cranberries / 1,6,9,10/245,-
Sweet potato ála pumpkin curry with chickpea and jasmine rice, fresh coriander and sesame seeds259,-
Nová položka en 10255,-
Ramen with vegan "shrimp" (asian broth with ramen noodles, oyster mushroom, shiitake, onion, corn, nori chips, tomato, smoked tofu, bamboo, sesame, coriander) /1,6,11/295,-

Extra portions

french fries (200 g)65,-
Extra small salad (120 g) VEGAN+GLUTENFREE125,-
Pastry portion15,-
Extra rice (100 g) VEGAN+GLUTENFREE55,-
Extra temeph (50 g) VEGAN+GLUTENFREE alergen -soya55,-
Extra bio ketchup10,-
Extra soyannaise25,-
BBQ DIP alergen 5 20,-
Nová položka en 1085,-


Raw cake (dates, cashews, cocoa butter, raw cocoa) / 8/ VEGAN+GLUTENFREE85,-
Yested dumpling filled with fruit with vanilla cream and apricot toping alergen 1155,-
Whipped cream155,-
Nová položka en 10175,-
Nová položka en 110,-
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